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If you have been following the blog closely, you may have noticed we recently started up The Prayer League of The Holy Innocents. This prayer league includes a daily prayer for children in the womb, and for an end to infanticide and abortion. There is a printable of this prayer in our ByzShop here.

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Prayer League of The Holy Innocents & St. Stylianos

Prayer From Our Hearts

So far we have had two healthy pregnancies, and two healthy babies. Why then, you may be wondering, do we feel called to start this prayer league? Here is our story.

Before I was born, my birth mother decided to put me up for adoption. She was a 16 year old girl (15 when I was conceived), and still in school. Sometimes I wonder if she would have had the courage to make the same choice if I had been conceived today. When I look at our culture, I am overwhelmed by the blatant promotion of abortion. Our media tells us that killing our babies empowers women. And when I see those messages, I feel sick. I picture the baby in my mind, and am caught up in the sorrow of the lives that are lost.

I may not have personally experienced the death of a child. But my heart is constantly drawn the injustice of these undervalued lives. I spend my days at home, caring for our children, praying for them and others. All the while trying to keep myself sheltered from the news of another child’s life lost due to human action or intentional inaction. (Because if I read/hear such a story, it haunts my heart for weeks).

This is where my husband comes in.

He is out there in the world, working to take care of our family. And he has a heart to match mine. One that loves, and one that wants to fight injustice. And he came up with the brilliant idea to start this prayer league. That way we are all able to perform some action to fight the injustice against children and infants. Whether you are like me and are working in your home, or if you are out there working surrounded by this culture of death.

The Prayer League

So how can you participate in the prayer league? Here are some of of the ways you can get started working with us today.

The Byzantine Life

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