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Blessed Olga, Princess of Kiev

The Repose of Blessed Olga, Princess of Kiev, Who Took on The Christian Name Helen at her Holy Baptism

July 11th is the feast of Blessed Olga, Princess of Kiev. Her Christian name is Helen. And we also call her Equal to the Apostles. One thing I don’t know is why we still call her Olga. So if you know the answer, be sure to let me know in the comments!

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Let’s look into the history and prayers for this Byzantine feast day.

Who is Blessed Olga?

Blessed Olga lived during the 10th Century. Her husband is the Prince of Kiev Igor I. After her husband’s murder, she became the de facto ruler of Kievan Rus. (Her son was not yet of age). It was during this time that she came to seek the true faith, and traveled to Constaniople to be baptized.

We know Olga as a fierce woman. She sought revenge against the pagan Drevlyani tribe her murdered her husband. Though she had not yet converted at the time, her strong victory against the Drevlyani (a tribe who lived by the sword) is viewed as a victory for God. As well as a fulfilment of the words of Christ: “Put your sword back into its place; for all who take the sword will perish by the sword.” (Matt 26:52).

While Blessed Olga was unable to bring her son to Christianity, she is cited as playing a major role in the conversion of her grandson, Vladimir the Great.

Prayers and Tropars for the Blessed Olga

Troparion: (tone 1)

On the wings of the knowledge of God, you lifted your mind O glorious Olga, and soared beyond the visible attaining to God, the Creator of all. You found Him, and in baptism received new life. Now you abide forever in incorruption, and enjoy the fruits of the life-giving Tree.

Kontakion: (tone 4)

Today let us praise God, who gives blessings to all. For in Ukraine He glorified Olga, the divinely wise. Let us ask Him to grant our souls pardon of sins through her prayers.

Prokeimenon: (tone 4)

God is wonderful in His saints: the God of Isreal.

Verse: Bless God in the churches, the Lord from the fountains of Israel.

The Byzantine Life

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