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Prayers, Preparedness, Penance – The Byzantine Life on COVID-19

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“Penance, Penance, Penance” -Angel to the Fatima Children, 3rd Vision, July 13, 1917.


A Brief Public Service Announcement

From Kyleshka, TheBadgerDad, Little Fox and Little Badger of The Byzantine Life: Stay safe and well, brothers and sisters! Follow the directives of your Eparchs/Eparchies, Bishops/Dioceses, local governments and health authorities to protect yourselves, your parishes, your families and stop the spread of Covid-19.  Paying especially close attention to expert advise on social isolation, distancing and hygiene (recite the Lord’s Prayer for the duration of 20 seconds while hand washing), etc.

Prayers and Saints for these troubling times

St. Thecla (Orthodox saint), Patron of Plague victims, Pray for us! St. Gorgonia, Sister of St. Gregory the Theologian and Patron of the Sick, pray for us! St. Panteleimon and all holy Unmercenary Physicians, Pray for us! O Holy Theotokos, Salus Populi Romani, and Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception, pray for us!

From plague, famine, drought and war, Deliver us, O Lord!

May Christ, The Divine Physician of our Souls and Bodies preserve us all unto life everlasting, through the prayers of the Most Holy Theotokos and Ever-Virgin Mary, of our God-bearing Fathers, and of all the Saints, who alone is good and loves mankind. Amen!

Resources – Liturgical

Reader’s Typika Service, A.K.A. Prayer Service in absence of Priest or Deacon (Approved for Private Usage by the UGCC Metropolia of Canada):

NEW!!! Weekday Divine Offices of Matins, The Hours, Vespers and Small Complines (UA/ENG) (“Clergy version” approved for Private Usage by the UGCC Eparch of Edmonton):

Troparia, Kontakia and other Musical Resources (According to the UGCC usage in Western Canada, Redemptorist Translation):

Live Stream of Morning and Evening Services for the Great Fast (Eparchy of St. Nicholas of Chicago of the Ukrainians):

NEW!!! Online Live Streaming (various platforms) of Divine Liturgies and other Liturgical Services (Eastern Catholic/Orthodox) World Wide:

Resources – Ecclesial Statements and Information

Statement of CCCB on Covid-19:…/5215-statement-by-the-canadian-confere…

UPDATED!!! Statement of Kyr Lawrence (Huculak), OSBM, Metropolitan of Canada and Archeparch of Winnipeg of the Ukrainians:

NEW! Statement of Mor Ibrahim M. (Ibrahim), OBSS, Eparch of Saint-Sauveur of Montréal of the Melkites (FR):

NEW! Statement of Mor Paul-Marwan (Tabet), LM, Eparch of Saint-Maron of Montréal of the Maronites (AR):

NEW! Statement of Mar Bawai (Soro), Eparch of Mar Addai of Toronto of the Chaldeans:

NEW! Statement of Mar Jose Kalluvelil, Eparch of Missasauga of the Syro-Malabars:

Statement of USCCB:

Statement of UGCC Hierarchy of the USA:

Statement of Kyr Borys (Gudziak), Metropolitan of the USA and Archeparch of Philadelphia of the Ukrainians:…/archbishop-borys-gudziak-about-t…

Statement of Kyr William (Skurla), Metropolitan Archeparch of Pittsburgh of the Ruthenians:…/uploads/…/03/Covid-19.pdf

Statement of Episcop Michael (Botean), Eparch of St. George in Canton of the Romanians:…/bishop-john-michael-bote…/

NEW! Statement of Mor Nicholas (Samra), Eparch of Newton of the Melkites:

NEW! Statement of Mor Gregory J. (Mansour), Epach of St. Maron of Brooklyn of the Maronites:

NEW! Statement of Mor A. Elias (Zaidan), Eparch of Our Lady of Lebanon of Los Angeles of the Maronites:

NEW! Statement of Moran Mor Ignatius Joseph III Yonan, Patriach of Antioch and all the Orient of the Syrians:

NEW! Statement of Mar Emanuel (Shaleta), Eparch of St. Peter the Apostle of El Cajon of the Chaldeans:

NEW! Statement of Mar Francis (Kalabat), Eparch of St. Thomas the Apostle of Detroit of the Chaldeans:

NEW! Statement of Diarn Mikaël A. (Mouradian), ICPB, Eparch of Our Lady of Nareg of Glendale of the Armenians: :

NEW! Statement of Philipos Mar Stephanos, Eparch of St. Mary, Queen of Peace in New Hydepark of the Syro-Malankaras:

NEW! Statement of Mar Jacob Angadiath, Eparch of St. Thomas of Chicago of the Syro-Malabars:

Resources – Public Health Authorities

Public Health Agency of Canada:…/d…/coronavirus-disease-covid-19.html

Center for Disease Control, USA:

WHO, Covid-19:…/novel-coronavir…/events-as-they-happen


Christ, The Divine Physician

(Photo credit: Brent Kostyniuk, Royal Doors

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