After Moving Update and Unpacking Tips

Moving Update (And Unpacking Tips!)

Moving Update

Hello! What a crazy first week we’ve had in our new home! Little Fox decided to protest sleeping the last night before we stayed at our new place and my husband and I both lost a day to catch up on sleep and brain power. That is also why I missed posting last week.

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In my last article about moving tips, I mentioned that I was feeling anxious about the move. Well I needn’t have been worried! Things are going beautifully in our new home. Even with that lost day, everything is coming together.

Before the move, we invested in a couple new items to make our home more homey. Little Fox has new bookshelves, 3×3 cube style! We both love them! I also got us some curtains for the living room and the bedroom. Only I ordered them online, and didn’t realize that curtains come in single panels. So right now the living room only has half the window covered. I’ve ordered a second panel which should arrive this week. Then we’ll have a complete set!

Unpacking TipsByzLife Moving Update

Finally… some unpacking tips that I’ve learned along the way this time around.

1. Don’t leave boxes on the floor if you have a baby who can walk. The contents will be spread across rooms as soon as she discovers pulling on the flaps is how you open boxes.

2. Collapse empty boxes right away. This prevents confusing them with boxes that aren’t unpacked and will save you time when you’re looking for that one thing.

3. After you have a working bathroom and kitchen, make the bedroom your number one priority. The bedroom is the first and last place you see everyday. If you can make it a peaceful oasis amid the chaos of moving, you’ll feel a lot better going to bed and waking up each day.

4. Don’t worry about putting everything in its forever home. Since you haven’t lived in the space yet, you can’t be sure how your storage will function best. I’ve been unpacking books onto the nearest bookshelf. I’ll take the time to resort and organize these books after the rest of the moving is done. There is no linen closet in our new home. So I have made a temporary storage for towels and will find a new home for them when I have time later.

5. Have some familiar items like pictures or other mementos out early on. Again, you may just set them on a shelf for now and find a better spot to hang or place them later. Being able to see these items will help your home feel more homey early on and help encourage you to keep going.

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