Why the Byzantine Life is Beautiful
ByzCatholic, Riteology

Drawn to the East: Why the Byzantine Life is so Beautiful

The Byzantine Life All the cool Catholics are joining the Byzantine Rite of the Catholic Church. Well, Matt Fradd made the leap. (And my husband! Though his family is already Ukrainian and his spiritual formation was at our local Ukrainian Catholic elementary school). Anyway, at one point or another, you’ve probably heard about someone transferring …

Books Every Parent Should Read
Family, Mom Reads

A Mom’s Starter Booklist: 3 Reads that Will Change the Way You Parent

This week I want to share with you three of the most amazing books I’ve read about parenting. These books have all changed my outlook and improved my understanding of children. Every parent should read these books. I especially appreciate how the wisdom is adaptable for families to match with their own values. A Solid …

Ways to Pray Every Day
ByzCatholic, Jesus

A Busy Person’s Call to Prayer: Finding Ways to Pray Throughout the Day

Trying to establish a prayer life while busy? As a mom, a wife, and a friend, I both know and witness how hectic life can be. And especially since becoming a mom, I know how easy it is to be forgetful. The to-do list is longer than a yardstick and even then, you know you’ve …

The Ultimate Guide to Baby Clothes
Baby Stage, Family

The Ultimate Guide to Baby Clothes: Plan Based on Your Family’s Situation

While I was pregnant with our first baby, I spent a long time searching “how many baby clothes do we need in each size.” Although I found several different posts on various blogs, none of them really fit with how I ended up using clothes with Little Fox. There are numerous factors which go into …

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