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Prayers, Preparedness, Penance – The Byzantine Life on COVID-19

Check back for updates! “Penance, Penance, Penance” -Angel to the Fatima Children, 3rd Vision, July 13, 1917. (Source: A Brief Public Service Announcement From Kyleshka, TheBadgerDad, Little Fox and Little Badger of The Byzantine Life: Stay safe and well, brothers and sisters! Follow the directives of your Eparchs/Eparchies, Bishops/Dioceses, local governments and health authorities …

Make Your Prayer Life Great Again with your Guardian Angel
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Make Your Prayer Life Great Again – Part 1 – Guardian Angel

Make your prayer life GREAT again this Great Lent. This week we are going to talk about one of three ways to deepen our prayer life. And now is the day to start! That’s right. It doesn’t need to be Clean Monday, Holy Thursday, or Pure Monday to start some new prayer practices. The day …

Toy Challanges and How We Re Fixing Them
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Toy Room Troubles: How a “Playroom” Ruined Toy Play and What We are Doing to Fix the New Problems

Toys are a lot of fun. But they can also be annoying and messy. For the first 27 months of Little Foxes life we had a pretty good handle on her toys. There was never more out than could be put away in five minutes. And if it did get to the point that it …

The First and Second Finding of John the Baptist's Head
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John the Baptist – Finding His Head (Twice)!

John the Baptist is one of the most highly venerated saints in Byzantine tradition. Off the top of my head I can think of only three nativity feasts: Jesus’, Mary’s, and John the Baptist’s. We also celebrate the conceptions of these same three. Like many other saints, we celebrate a feast for his death (The …

James the Brother of Our Lord
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James in A ByzCatholic Bible: Jacob in the New Testament 

A Reading from the Epistle of St. Jacob. How often have you heard that at Church? Well, if you attend Church with readings done in Ukrainian on weekdays you might have heard it. Because – get this – James is an awkward translation of the Greek Iacobus. Back when John Wycliffe made his English translation …

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