What Are Our Rites: An Introduction to Byzantine Catholicism

If you’re like me, you probably grew up hearing very little or even nothing about the Eastern rites of the Catholic Church. Maybe you’ve heard something about there being married Catholic priests, or lots of incense at a daily liturgy. Maybe you found my blog because you were looking for more information. Well you’ve come …

Christian Living, Family

The Beauty of Christian Living: Why ‘The Way’ is the Best Way

In today’s culture, Christian living is often viewed as unappealing, unfashionable, and out of date. Yet, Christian living is none of these things. To twist a Fulton Sheen quote “There aren’t more than 100 people in this world who hate Christian living for what it is, but millions who hate it for what it isn’t.” …

ByzCatholic, Riteology

A Byzantine Holy Week: A Comparison of Catholic Traditions

The week before Easter is one of increased preparation in anticipation of Easter. For Roman Catholics, it is the final week of Lent. For Byzantine Catholics, Great Lent is over and Holy Week is its own separate fast. Either way, Holy Week holds a special place in our lives as we follow Christ’s path to …

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