Ways to Pray Every Day
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A Busy Person’s Call to Prayer: Finding Ways to Pray Throughout the Day

Trying to establish a prayer life while busy? As a mom, a wife, and a friend, I both know and witness how hectic life can be. And especially since becoming a mom, I know how easy it is to be forgetful. The to-do list is longer than a yardstick and even then, you know you’ve forgotten some important tasks and events. Life can be so overwhelming and stressful. It is hard to prioritize prayer amid all the busyness.

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Besides being a Byzantine family, I am also an Oblate of St. Benedict. The Rule of St. Benedict offers some great wisdom on prayer, even while the full Divine Office is currently outside my abilities (book + squirming baby who wants to rip the pages). Particularly, the phrase “That God be glorified in all things” comes to mind. It inspires me to find ways to keep God at the centre of my whole day. Since having a baby in the house, I have been trying out various prayer routines and methods. What follows are my three top suggestions for any super busy person to add more prayer throughout the day.

Pray for the First Minute of Every Hour

Saying a little offering to God at the beginning of every hour (or half hour, or quarter hour) helps set the tone for each part of your day. All those minutes add up as well! I recommend setting up some kind of grandfather clock system where the sound reminds you to pray. Currently I am using a grandfather clock app on my phone. I think I’d like to look for a watch that will “chime” every hour, or perhaps see about investing in an actual grandfather clock. (I’ve seen one for about $50 on Amazon).

Simple Ways to Pray on Busy DaysPick a Devotion and set an Alarm for it

Many different devotions are well suited to a busy life. Set an alarm for the time you want to pray a particular devotional prayer and use that alarm every day. One of the prayers I do this for is the Angelus. This alarm is turned off for Sundays though, since we are often still at church at this time and hey, Sundays are already entirely devoted to prayer and rest! Other short prayers and devotions that work well with this include: a decade of the Rosary, the Divine Mercy chaplet, a patron saint prayer, the usual beginning (Heavenly King – Prayer to the Holy Spirit), Act of Faith, Act of Hope, or the Act of Love. You could also set an alarm to work on Daily Prayer Journals.

As I get better at responding to my prayer alarms, I plan on adding more to my day. I’m not very good at following routines so this has been a bit of an adjustment. However, I am loving the results. The alarm helps me to be more consistent than when I just plan to do certain prayers every day without any set reminders.

  1. Work and Prayer: Praying While Doing Chores

The song “Do Everything” by Steven Curtis Chapman comes to mind here. I like to have it playing in the background while I’m working around the house. The lyrics remind me to “do everything [I] do to the glory of the One who made [me].” God is with us and watching over us every moment of our lives. He calls us to carry out our vocations with love, to glorify Him. When I am doing the dishes, re-shelving baby’s board book’s for the 5th time today, or am sitting on the floor holding my baby as she plays her orchestra… I can glorify God. These actions are all a part of my vocation as a wife and mom. When my husband goes to work to provide for our family he is also glorifying God by following his vocation.

Besides offering these moments up to praise God, it can be helpful add prayers to say, sing, or do while doing tasks. I can’t make suggestions for every possible job, but moments when you are waiting for a phone call, cleaning your workspace, might work for you. If you are in customer service, saying a quick prayer for each person you encounter can add God to your work. At home, this is easy to do while doing chores or other mundane tasks. I can sing a hymn or pray a psalm while doing dishes or the laundry. For more spontaneous prayer, I share my thoughts with God about how the day is going and what I am grateful for.How to be Christ Centred During a Busy Day

Having a Consistent Prayer Life While Busy

So what do you do when you are busy to make sure you get that prayer time in? What devotions do you like to pray daily? Add your thoughts in the comments section below! Also please share a pin from this blog post, or share on your other social media!


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