James the Brother of Our Lord

James in A ByzCatholic Bible: Jacob in the New Testament 

A Reading from the Epistle of St. Jacob. How often have you heard that at Church? Well, if you attend Church with readings done in Ukrainian on weekdays you might have heard it. Because – get this – James is an awkward translation of the Greek Iacobus. Back when John Wycliffe made his English translation …

Immaculate Conception

Maternity of St. Anna

The Immaculate Conception, the motherhood/maternity of St. Anna, or The Conception of Saint Anna, is the feast when we celebrate St. Anna conceiving the Mary, the Theotokos. This feast is generally celebrated in Eastern Churches in December 9th. However, Roman Catholics celebrate this feast on December 8th. And in countries such as the United States, …

Living in a Mixed Byzantine and Roman Family

A Marriage of East and West: bringing Eastern Spirituality and Roman Catholicism Together

This week’s article comes from a request from one of our patrons on Patreon. We were asked about how to incorporate Eastern Traditions into one’s home while remaining Roman Catholic. Our Mixed Tradition Family In order to give you a clear idea of where we are coming from, let me give you the basic rundown …

Everything You Need to Know about Great Lent

Great Lent: Traditions of the East and West

Great Lent While there are several differences between the way Roman Catholics and Byzantine Catholics and Orthodox families celebrate Lent, the three pillars remain the same: prayer, alms, and fasting. The goal of this period is to repent and prepare for celebrating the Resurrection of Christ. It is a time to deepen our relationship with …

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