Principles of the Montessori Method

Montessori Principle Basics: 12 Aspects of Caring for Kids

Montessori Principle Basics: Maria Montessori, a Catholic doctor, philosopher, and education reformer. A year ago, I wasn’t interested in anything with the label Montessori. I thought her methods was about letting kids do whatever they want. And forcing kids to be studious early, and eliminating creativity. I was initially very resistant to her method and …

Homeschool Convention Lessons and Tips

Homeschool Convention: What I Learned from My 1st Experience

My First Homeschool Convention Experience Last month I got to go to a homeschool convention! It was a last-minute surprise – someone in my prayer group just started homeschooling and mentioned there was a convention in our city! Our provincial homeschool association puts on a convention every year – but I thought they were all …

Guest Post: Special Dedication to Divine Mercy and Theotokos

It has become increasingly obvious and tragic that members of our hierarchy continue to politick and obfuscate around the ongoing scandal of homosexual predation in the Catholic presbyterate and episcopacy. This has left more than a few faithful Catholic Vloggers, Youtubers and Bloggers aghast, or worse, and left many of the laity feeling numb and betrayed. One …

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