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TOS Episode IX: Synod of Petrograd & Fátima

In this episode of The Orthodachs Show, TheBadgerDad goes solo to recap his research on the Byzantine connection to Our Lady’s apparitions at Fátima and to share the canons of the Synod of Petrograd of the Russian Greek Catholic Church, concluded on May 31, 1917. Venerable Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky, Father and Head of the worldwide …

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TOS Episode VIII: Uniatism (Feat. V. Varaioun)

In this episode of The Orthodachs Show, TheBadgerDad is joined by Vitalis Varaioun, Blogger and YouTuber on The Russian Catholic Channel. Speaking to his own personal testimony as a former Russian Orthodox and Old Believer combined with deep theological insight, Vitalis leads TheBadgerDad on a deep dive into Uniatism, Zogbhytes and “Orthodox in Communion with …

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Circumcision of Christ – St Basil the Great

Circumcision of Christ, Our Lord, God, and Saviour And Our Father among the Saints: Basil the Great 2000 years after Christianity, it feels odd to be talking about circumcision. So it was definitely worth it for me to spend time looking into why we celebrate Christ’s circumcision as a major feast day. The Meaning of …

Archdeacon Stephen
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Protomartyr Archdeacon Stephen

On December 27th (26th in the west) we celebrate Protomatyr Stephen. St. Stephen is called the first martyr, a holy apostle, and archdeacon! His celebration during the post-feast of the Nativity of Christ is singularly significant into the meaning of Christ’s birth. The connection between life and death is laid here. About St. Stephen In …

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