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Circumcision of Christ – St Basil the Great

Circumcision of Christ, Our Lord, God, and Saviour And Our Father among the Saints: Basil the Great 2000 years after Christianity, it feels odd to be talking about circumcision. So it was definitely worth it for me to spend time looking into why we celebrate Christ’s circumcision as a major feast day. The Meaning of …

Archdeacon Stephen
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Protomartyr Archdeacon Stephen

On December 27th (26th in the west) we celebrate Protomatyr Stephen. St. Stephen is called the first martyr, a holy apostle, and archdeacon! His celebration during the post-feast of the Nativity of Christ is singularly significant into the meaning of Christ’s birth. The connection between life and death is laid here. About St. Stephen In …

Principles of the Montessori Method
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Montessori Principle Basics: 12 Aspects of Caring for Kids

Montessori Principle Basics: Maria Montessori, a Catholic doctor, philosopher, and education reformer. A year ago, I wasn’t interested in anything with the label Montessori. I thought her methods was about letting kids do whatever they want. And forcing kids to be studious early, and eliminating creativity. I was initially very resistant to her method and …

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The Venerable God-Bearing Father Sabbas the Sanctified

Venerable, God-Bearing Father Sabbas the Sanctified We celebrate our venerable Father Sabbas on December 5th, the eve of Saint Nicholas. Sabbas, born in 439 A.D. to Christian parents John and Sophia, lived in Cappadocia. Drawn to God from his earliest days, he entered monastic life before the end of his ninth year. According to tradition, …

St. Katherine of Alexandria
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The Holy Great-Martyr Katherine of Alexandria

The Holy Great-Martyr Katherine of Alexandria We celebrate the Holy Great-Martyr Katherine of Alexandria (Catherine of Alexandria) on November 24th. Her father was the governor of Alexandrian-Egypt. Icons of her therefore include the saint wearing a crown and royal robes. St. Katherine lived a life worthy of a princess. Her wealthy parents invested in her …

St. Josaphat
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Holy Priest-Martyr Josaphat Kuntsevych

 Holy Priest-Martyr Josaphat Kuntsevych, Archbishop of Polotsk We celebrate Josaphat Kunsevych, an Eastern Bishop and martyr, on November 12th, which commemorates his deathday and day of canonization (in 1867). The BadgerDad and I married on this feast day, to honour this martyr who died for Christ and the goal of Christian unity. So what do …

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Stumbly-Tastics – Growing in Graceful Movement

As the winter months draw near (we live in Canada where it gets COLD), I thought I would share about our home Stumbly-tastics! First of all, the name Stumbly-tastics is a reference to Bluey. Bluey is an Australian children’s cartoon about a family of blue heelers. Now, if you have spent much time observing child …

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Home to Haven: Making Our Homes a Sanctuary (Part 2)

Welcome back! If you missed it, a fortnight ago we talked about the virtuous balance of up-keeping a home. Definitely read that article first, before coming back to this one. (Click here if you need to go read it). This week we are covering the rest of our home transformation! The Bathroom I was not …

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