Ultimate Diaper Bag Packing Hacks and Checklist

The Ultimate Diaper Bag + Checklist

The Ultimate Diaper Bag At 34 weeks pregnant, the side pocket of our current diaper bag gave out. We’d been talking about getting a better-quality diaper bag for a while, since with Little Fox we’d already been through three. To be fair, the first bag didn’t break, it just wasn’t convenient for me to lug …

Toddler Quiet Activities - DIY Busy Bags

DIY Toddler Activities – What I’m Doing to Prepare for having a Toddler and a Newborn

The Independent Toddler In two months, I’ll have two children under two in the house! This is going to come with some challenges. I’m especially worried about times that Little Fox is going to want my attention while I’m nursing the new baby. Already, I know I’m lucky to have an independent first child. Little …

The Ultimate Guide to Baby Clothes

The Ultimate Guide to Baby Clothes: Plan Based on Your Family’s Situation

While I was pregnant with our first baby, I spent a long time searching “how many baby clothes do we need in each size.” Although I found several different posts on various blogs, none of them really fit with how I ended up using clothes with Little Fox. There are numerous factors which go into …

How to be a Tired Mom

Surviving the Exhausted Days: How to Be a Mom with Almost No Sleep (Part II)

Part 2: Daytime Solutions After A Rough Night So last week we talked about some ways to handle parenting at night. (If you missed that article, check it out here). This week we are going to go through some options for what you can do to survive through the day. It is 5:30 in the …

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