Who was St. Jerome?

St. Jerome was born about 342 in Stridon (possibly modern day Bosansko Grahovo, Bosnia & Herzegovina). Later he studied in Rome, where he was Baptised. St. Jerome lived for some years as a hermit in the Syrian desert. He was called to Antioch and Ordained to the Holy Priesthood by Bishop Paulinus. He lived in Constantinople and then in Rome, preaching asceticism, and studying. Eventually St. Jerome settled in Bethlehem, where he was head of the monastery and devoted himself to study. St. Jerome’s scholarship was unparalleled in the early Church. St. Jerome translated the Bible from Hebrew, Aramaic and Greek into Latin (the Vulgate), wrote biblical commentaries, and other works. He fought against the heresies of Arianism, Pelagianism and Neoplatonism.


Why him?

St. Jerome is patron of librarians and students (think BadgerDad and I) and the study of Sacred Scripture (a crucial part of The Byzantine Life). His Feastday is September 30 (Gregorian calendar) or July 15 (Julian calendar). He is a Doctor of the Roman Catholic Church and a Venerable (that is monastic) Confessor in the Byzantine Catholic Church. We chose St. Jerome as our patron because of his patronages and because he is a thoroughly Byzantine and Roman saint. He studied Sacred Scripture under St. Gregory the Theologian (one of the Three Holy Hierarchs of the Byzantine Church), reconciled the Roman schism with Antioch under Pope Damasus and lived a holy, ascetic life in Israel. St. Jerome’s life and teaching truly encapsulate the beauty and breadth of Catholicism, East and West. Thus we humbly ask for his intercession for the undertaking of this blog. St. Jerome, pray for us!

Tropar of St. Jerome, Tone 8
Guide of orthodoxy, teacher of piety and purity, luminary of the world, inspired adornment of monks, O wise Jerome, you have enlightened all by your teachings, O spiritual trumpet. Intercede with Christ our God for the salvation of our souls.



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