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Puzzle at Home: A Montessori DIY

Wood puzzles are expensive! We use a couple of animal, number, and alphabet wood puzzles already. However, I found other great wood puzzles I wanted our girls to have.

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The only problem, with shipping, these puzzles would cost us around 100 dollars!

Clearly there has to be a better way. I went on Pinterest, and searched diy wood puzzles. Of course, most of the results were people making beautiful wood puzzles with expensive equipment at home. But good news! I also found a way any family can make their own “like-wood” puzzle at home. The answer is thick cardboard!

Step One: Acquire your cardboard

The first thing we needed to make our puzzle is a flat piece of cardboard. I found that our diaper boxes are a perfect size! Using a mix of scissors and an Exacto knife, I cut out two rectangles from the long end of the box.

Step Two: Design the Puzzle

After I had cardboard boards that were the right size for the puzzle I wanted to make, I set it down to trace my plan onto it. In this instance I put together a phases of the moon puzzle. For the circles I traced the bottom of a small glass. Stencils and other guide tools may be helpful here.

This is also the step where I added some colour to the puzzle.

Step Three: Cut Out the Pieces

Next, I used the Exacto knife to make the pieces of my moon puzzle. Of course, the fact my puzzle was made entirely of circles made this step harder. (Also, I need a new Exacto knife, or to sharpen it).

Puzzle DIYAlso, make sure to do the slicing on a surface that it is okay to scratch. I put a wooden board down to protect our desk. Except when I was not cutting with the board, our toddler came and shifted it about on the table, and we ended up with scratches anyway! Thankfully it was not a new desk. But hopefully you can find a way to be more careful than me.

Step Four: Enjoy the Puzzle

It may not be Pinterest perfect, but we now have a puzzle. My three year old is delighted to have a phases of the moon puzzle. She really loves the moon! I am also introducing phases of the moon three part cards with her, so she can start to learn the names of the different moon phases. And now this puzzle is a part of our Montessori work supplies! Whether you make a shape puzzle, a map puzzle, or any other board puzzle, I hope it goes well for you. This puzzle hack is certainly going to save us a lot of money in the coming years, or at least allow us to enjoy puzzles we never would have been able to afford otherwise!

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