Feast of the Presentation of Our Lord
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The Feast of the Presentation in the Temple

The Presentation Explained On February 2nd, we celebrate the Feast of the Presentation in the Temple. We also call this day The Meeting of our Lord with Simeon and Anna. Other names for this feast include: Presentation of the Lord, Encounter of Our Lord, the Purification of the Blessed Virgin Mary, and Candlemas. It is the final of the …

Celebrating the Baptism of Christ and Other Theophany Traditions
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Theophany – the Baptism of Christ

On January 6th we celebrate Theophany, which is the Baptism of Christ in the River Jordan. Theophany is one of the Feasts of Light (alongside the Nativity, and the Presentation of our Lord in the Temple). Western Christians primarily celebrate this day as when the Magi arrived to present their three gifts to Jesus. Both traditions …

Pregnancy Tips
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Pregnancy Tips: What I Learned the First Time and How I’m Making the Most of this One

I found out I really was pregnant on the day of my last final in the first semester of my final year in University. We really weren’t sure I was pregnant before that because hey – a lot of stress can cause a missed period and finals and papers are stressful! Pregnancy during university meant …

Become Organized by Knowing Yourself Better
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Become Organized by Knowing Yourself Better

Become Organized by Knowing Yourself Better As a child and young adult, I loved to look at beautiful organized spaces and imagine having spaces like those. But it felt like an unobtainable dream, because I was perpetually disorganized. I could not get my spaces to look like those you find in magazines or on Pinterest. …

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Guest Post: Special Dedication to Divine Mercy and Theotokos

It has become increasingly obvious and tragic that members of our hierarchy continue to politick and obfuscate around the ongoing scandal of homosexual predation in the Catholic presbyterate and episcopacy. This has left more than a few faithful Catholic Vloggers, Youtubers and Bloggers aghast, or worse, and left many of the laity feeling numb and betrayed. One …

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