ByzCast, ByzCatholic

The Orthodachs Show, Ep. VII: Hagia Sophia, Islam & Byzantine Catholicism (Feat. Allan Ruhl)

In this episode of The Orthodachs Show, TheBadgerDad is joined by Allan Ruhl, Apologist, Blogger and YouTuber. In commemoration of the Day of Mourning for the transfer of Hagia Sophia to a mosque by the Turkish authorities, the guys will examine the history of Muslim interaction with Byzantines and how the this history and what …

ByzCast, ByzCatholic

TheBadgerDad on The Meaning of Catholic: Greek Schism Pt 3

T. S. Flanders talks to Byzantine Catholic TheBadgerDad about the history of the Greek schism after the Council of Florence. This council is viewed as a “failure” by the Greek schismatics, but it also became the basis for many Eastern Catholic churches to be in full union with the Holy See. We will talk about …

ByzCast, ByzCatholic

TOS Ep. VI: Vocations (Feat. Rev. Mike Bombak)

In this episode of The Orthodachs Show, TheBadgerDad is joined by Rev. Mike Bombak, priest of the UGCC Eparchy of Edmonton, AB, Canada to discuss his vocation testimony and vocations in general. Rev. Mike posts his homilies and other reflections on Byzantine spirituality on Musings with Father Mike on YouTube and hosts a weekly podcast …

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