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Welcome to the ByzCatholic Chapter of pending). Here is where you can find information about various Eastern rites of the Catholic Church, find faith resources, and grow your personal relationship with Jesus alongside me!
So let me talk you through the various subsections we’re building over at The Byzantine Life. The subsection Jesus focuses on building a personal relationship with God though him. This will include reflections, resources, and prayer routine suggestions. The ByzKids (coming soon) section is about engaging children in the faith. Posts include resources, family activities, and theology games. Under Feasts, read about Byzantine practices such as Great Lent, Cheesefare Sunday, and other beautiful traditions. Riteology is the section for comparing Roman Catholic theology with Byzantine theology. There is also discussion on how they complement each other. Furthermore, we have information about Byzantine practices which all Catholics can learn from. (Check out my article “Everybody Needs an Icon Corner”). Resources links to my compilation of recommended reading and materials for the faith. If you’re a Roman Catholic, start by reading my post: What are Our Rites: An Introduction to Byzantine Catholicism.

My Context

Our family is a mix of Roman Catholic and Byzantine Catholic. I went through RCIA in 2013 to become a fully initiated Roman Catholic in 2013. At that time I had not even heard of other Catholic rites. (Although I had met two Byzantine Catholic priests by then, I just had no idea). Then I met my future husband, and he introduced me to the beautiful prayers in the tradition of the Christian East. He took me to my first Divine Liturgy, and although I was nervous about the idea of a mixed rite marriage at first, I have come to love the opportunities our mixed rite life has brought. All of our children are going to be Christened in the Byzantine tradition. And it is important for us to educate our children on the beauty of “both lungs” of the church.

What about You? Need more inspiration?

My husband and I would love to learn about your family’s traditions, so please like, comment and share our content with your family and friends. As we grow our community we hope to continue to provide the content that meets your needs.  You can always contact us with your questions or recommendations. Check out all of our posts, pages and podcasts if you find our thoughts life giving.  But the best advise we can give you is: experience Byzantium yourself!  Find a local Byzantine Catholic Church near you by looking up your local Eparchy (Byzantine Diocese) or using a helpful website like This link will take you to a list of Dioceses and Eparchies in Canada that can help you locate a church in any region.  This website also has information about a number of other countries too, so be sure to look for the Byzantine Church in your area!


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