ByzCatholic, Riteology

A Byzantine Holy Week: A Comparison of Catholic Traditions

The week before Easter is one of increased preparation in anticipation of Easter. For Roman Catholics, it is the final week of Lent. For Byzantine Catholics, Great Lent is over and Holy Week is its own separate fast. Either way, Holy Week holds a special place in our lives as we follow Christ’s path to …

Baby Stage, Family

Dates at Home: How to Enjoy Time with Your Spouse When You Have Little Children

You can never overestimate how much less time you will have for yourself once you bring a baby into your home. The trouble is, the same can apply to time with your spouse. As a Christian family, we know that it is important to prioritize our marriage. Since having our first baby, we have come …

Baby Stage, Family

How to Keep Your Young One (Somewhat) Quiet at Church

It can be hard attending church with a baby or young child. Children are loud, energetic, and easily distracted. Their misbehaviour at church is just a stage you have to go through, right? Except I’ve seen large families with small children get through mass with amazing grace. How do they keep their children quiet and …

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